Aims and Scope

This journal shares the research carried out through different disciplines in regards to optimization, control and their applications. The basic fields of this journal are linear, nonlinear, stochastic, parametric, discrete and dynamic programming; heuristic algorithms in optimization, control theory, game theory and their applications. Problems such as managerial decisions, time minimization, profit maximizations and other related topics are also shared in this journal. Besides the original research articles expository papers, which are hard to express or model, conference proceedings, book reviews and announcements are also welcome.

IJOCTA) invites original contributions on all topics related to optimization & control, theory and applications, including, but not limited to:
- Applied Mathematics,
- Financial Mathematics,
- Control Theory, 
- Game Theory,
- Fractional Calculus and Applications,
- Modeling of Bio-systems for Optimization and Control,
- Linear Programming,
- Nonlinear Programming,
- Stochastic Programming,
- Parametric Programming,
- Conic Programming,
- Discrete Programming,
- Dynamic Programming,
- Nonlinear Dynamics,
- Stochastic Differential Equations,
- Optimization with Artificial Intelligence,
- Operational Research in Life and Human Sciences,
- Heuristic Algorithms in Optimization,
- Applications Related to Optimization on Engineering.